About doing something stupid

This is the first time I’m doing this.

Writing a blog, I mean.

So…what do I say? O_O

Well, I guess I’ll start with a short introduction. That’s always a good way to begin.

I’m Trish Lim. I’m 22 years old. I recently quit my job in a digital agency, so I can travel, write stories, take photographs, play my viola – you know, chase after your dreams and all that jazz.

Sounds like a stupid idea, I know.

Before I resigned, I had all of these people asking me,

“Are you sure that’s practical?”

“Can’t you do that later on?”

“Why don’t you save up (and be rich) first?”

“Does this mean you’re transferring to a bigger company?”

And when I start telling them about my plans, I suddenly feel like I’m about to make the stupidest decision of my life. It’s just like those times when I’m brainstorming for a campaign and I experience a light bulb moment. And I feel like I’ve got the most brilliant idea ever. I rush to my teammates and present it to them and in the middle of explaining, I realize it’s actually a really, really dumb idea.

Boy, I had lots of those… And sitting here at home, all alone, with no one to talk to, I’m struck by an awful thought: What if this (leaving a stable job and pursuing what I want) is one of them?

And a hundred other What ifs flood my mind: What if I never get to fulfill my dreams? What if I spend the whole year as a bum and never accomplish anything? What if I fail? What if I end up embarrassing myself with this blog? What if I misspell words? Worse, what if I misspell misspell and get ostracized by the blogging community for being stupid (OMG)? On top of everything, what if I made the wrong decision?

And then I remembered something that my friend texted the other day, “Well, what if it was the right one?”


That’s an awesome way to look at it. Yes, life is filled with stupid ideas. Like labeling a toothpaste campaign “KatuTOOTHanan”, or using Sineskwela as a peg for an instructional video (complete with bad graphics and floating atoms), or using “We labia!” as the tagline for a feminine wash.

But that’s just how it is. You’ll go through a dozen, even a hundred, stupid ideas before arriving at a truly brilliant one – an idea that will actually work and reach out to inspire other people. We shouldn’t be afraid of looking stupid, because we’ll never know what we’re capable of unless we test our limits and go the extra mile. Right??

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging anyone to drink until they get drunk as hell, do drugs, or have sex as often as they can until someone gets pregnant. Those are things that will potentially do more harm than good. And I really hate it when people use “Life is too short” or “YOLO” to justify these kinds of actions without thinking of the consequences. So please please please don’t think that I’m promoting bad decisions and an I-don’t-give-a-f*** attitude because I’m not. I’m just trying to make sense out of everything that’s been happening lately, hoping that things eventually work out. *fingers crossed*

Hemingway. That’s pretty much it. That’s my first blog entry. Whew. That wasn’t so bad.

I’m anxious to see how 2013 works out. I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned, so I’ll keep you posted (whoever you are). Cheers to the New Year! 🙂

Now to jump from one stupid idea to the next: time to make Kimchi Fried Rice!

2 responses to “About doing something stupid”

  1. PS… to my note above @ Cambodia Faces…
    This is not a dumb idea really…while you’re young…unattached…no kids…Go Travel…explore…and write and share your experiences the way you just did…you make travelling/exploring and doing dumb things sound exciting. Once you’ve got other commitments (“matters of consequence” that don’t really matter)…you might lose your passion…your fire…and end up regretting…and kicking yourself with lots of “what ifs.” Don’t wait till you’re 50…you won’t be able to get around much and by then there’ll be lotsa good food you won’t be able to eat! GO Trish…Be DUMB! 🙂 Tito Ted

    …but don’t tell your Mom i encouraged you OK! 🙂

    1. Again, thank you, Tito Ted! It’s difficult sometimes, but I’m giving myself this time to really think things through so I can figure out what I want to do. Thank you for the support! It means a lot 🙂

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