Baler: A Photo Diary


DSC_9435DSC_9212DSC_9209DSC_9257DSC_9225DSC_9218 DSC_9235DSC_9449DSC_9444DSC_9219DSC_9228DSC_9314 DSC_9311 DSC_9426DSC_9274 DSC_9277DSC_9430DSC_9443 DSC_9476 DSC_9470“Pics or it didn’t happen” is what people these days shout out when you’re heading out the door, into your car or a bus, on your way to another adventure. Unfortunately, I have no photos of my first surfing experience. Or my second. Or third. As soon as I hit the waters and got on that surf board I couldn’t think of anything else (sounded like a poser right there). But really, it’s the best feeling, actually getting to stand on the board that one time and ride the waves, especially after repeatedly falling face first into the water during the last few attempts. I can already hear my instructor shouting, “Wipe out si Ate!”

So no, I don’t have a really cool pic of myself on the worn out, yellow long board that I used for three hours, not even one where I’m just standing beside it. But I do have a great memory of my friends and I lying on our long boards in a line, waiting for our instructors to shout “Ready!” Of us drinking beer and then digging into Styrofoam containers stuffed with deliciously grilled pork belly and white rice as we sat in a nice little shack along the beach. Of gathering around a campfire during acoustic night in Panatag, where surf boards turned into tables topped with soft drink, Emperador, and beer bottles, and more grilled pork belly. Of shots (and not remembering anything else…just kidding) taken in turns as guitars strummed out sweet melodies while a full moon, at first covered in thick clouds, rose high above us and illuminated our small, spontaneous party. Of waking up the next day and trying once again to surf despite (tiny) jellyfish stings, sore muscles and aching limbs.

I realize that memories are enough to compel people to return and experience the same things again, except differently. I wouldn’t mind myself going on another five-hour bus ride to Aurora just so I could surf/fall all over again. That was definitely the highlight of my summer.

But of course, I can’t deny the fun of taking photographs and the enjoyment one derives from looking at them. I don’t mind much that I don’t have one of myself – I’m happy enough to have captured the fun we had in Baler. 🙂

4 responses to “Baler: A Photo Diary”

  1. Gaaaah favorite ko yung picture nung boards with the night sky and twinkling stars. 🙂 Beautiful!

    1. Yan rin favorite ko!! Was actually surprised with how that picture turned out :)) Didn’t have a tripod so pinatong ko lang sa surf board haha. Lucky shot.

  2. Lovely set of photos! I am also rarely in photos as i am usually behind the camera but I enjoy capturing everyday life through my lens.

    1. That’s true! Just the other day someone was asking me for a solo photo and I had such a hard time looking for a good one :)) Realized I didn’t have a lot of photos of myself! Haha thanks for checking out my blog, Janaline! 😀

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