Catching Waves

DSC_3582Just got back from a surfing trip in Baler! The past few weeks have been all about work, work, work…which is great, actually. I’m not complaining because it helps me stay focused and gives me a better idea of what I want to do in life (not to mention, the funds I need to travel hehe). But I’m always glad to have some time away from all that. Really glad. This time, I even got to leave home without my laptop. Woohoo!

I realize that I haven’t been posting as frequently as I had hoped. Like I said, work has been…work. But I’ve got a lot of stories I’d like to tell and I am excited to write all about them and post photos from my recent trips. For now, I leave you with these shots because I’ve a bit of a hang-over from Baler and I cannot wait for the next surfing trip (which I’m hoping is this coming weekend). 😀


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