Six days in Seoul!


A few photos from a recent trip to Seoul 🙂 DSC_5411 DSC_5482DSC_5462DSC_5684DSC_5632DSC_5592DSC_5641DSC_6187DSC_6274DSC_5795DSC_6754DSC_6765DSC_6887DSC_6972DSC_6870DSC_7016DSC_6030DSC_6041DSC_7229DSC_7254DSC_7326DSC_7031DSC_7365DSC_7076

I’ve been excited about this trip for a very long time. My friends and I booked our tickets a year ago (whaaat, it’s cheaper that way). Tomer, the Israeli guy we met at Kimchee Guesthouse, found it absurd and laughed at how long we had to wait (he’s really more of the spontaneous type; he’s been traveling for three years already) and we were like –

Haha! But really, it was great; it was worth the wait. Seoul is so colorful! I had so much fun exploring with my friends and meeting new ones. Lots of walking, samgyeopsal, cafes, cute cats (did you see the one with the blue eyes??) and dogs, and beautiful falling leaves. Autumn in South Korea is amazing! Next up: Spring…in Japan, maybe? Got my fingers crossed for that one. :s Here we are with our newfound friends at Kimchee Guesthouse!


10 responses to “Six days in Seoul!”

  1. That looks so good. Korea has amazing food!

    1. Tastes good too!! Yeah I really enjoyed the food there 😀

  2. great photos as always trish. jaja and i will be going to inchon march 2014…any suggestions/ideas on what we should do?

    1. Hi Tito, thanks for stopping by! Really recommend Nami Island. You can reach it by train and then take a boat to the island. If you like shopping, Myeongdong is the place to go to 😀 And then you can also go to Gyeongbokgung Palace, just be sure to go there before 4:30PM. We weren’t able to go in because we came in after that haha.

  3. Huhuhu namiss ko bigla ng sobra sobra yung Seoul.

    1. O tara! Seoul tapos Thailand hahahaha

  4. Nice pics Trish! Very colorful and the subjects were quite diverse…..Glad you had fun 🙂

    1. Korea was a really fun experience! Thanks for checking out this post, tito 😀

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