A Trip to Thailand

DSC_7924A few days after Korea, I got my butt on a plane to Thailand with my friend, Mary. We booked the tickets a couple of months in advance with the seoul, I mean sole, purpose of seeing the floating lights in Chiang Mai. I was in Ilocos with the Bookie team when Ate Mer called, her voice brimming with excitement, “SEAT SALE!!! BOOK KO NA? (Should I book it?)” And I was like, “YES GO GO GO NOW BOOK IT! DID YOU BOOK IT? OH MY GOSH!!! Wait, magkano? (How much?)” Hahaha. So yeah, we were excited :))

There are many things I loved about this trip. Just thinking about the food – holy crap the food was really something!! Even the street food tasted glorious – sometimes even better than the ones in the restaurants. Best pad thai we had was in a stall beside the pier *drool*

Anyway *wipes drool* what I wanted to say was that going to Thailand for the festival was one of the best decisions I made this year. We met a cab driver who collects bills from different countries, a monk who is a boxer and a fan of Manny Pacquiao, and a string of solo travelers who have only their backpack, a guidebook or a map, and a thirst for adventure to set them on their way. Ligia, the Brazilian traveler who became our steady companion and friend throughout our stay in Chiang Mai, told us that she took two weeks off from work every year to travel to a completely new destination. “You will never be alone,” she said, telling us all about the interesting characters she’s met during her trips.

The whole experience left me breathless, and if I keep talking (or typing) then I will probably never stop. So for now, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are my favorite shots and memories in the Land of Smiles!
DSC_7443 DSC_7551 DSC_7558 DSC_7633 DSC_7660DSC_7688 DSC_7749 DSC_7762DSC_7780 DSC_7904DSC_7942DSC_7992 DSC_8383DSC_8225DSC_8972DSC_8975DSC_8385DSC_9071 DSC_8479 DSC_8491 DSC_8539 DSC_8665DSC_8691 DSC_9230DSC_9242DSC_8716

4 responses to “A Trip to Thailand”

  1. Great shot of the tiger! How did you get so close? 😀

    1. Thanks! 😀 That’s in Tiger Kingdom! You can go inside the cages and get real close to the tigers. I just went in and took photos; didn’t really play with them :s

  2. Hi Trish…great pics and post as usual. Can you send me your email address please…I’d like to send you something 🙂 . You can email me at: tjm1855@yahoo.com Thanks -Tito Ted

  3. Pathai na pathai for pad thai. Kain tayo Thai food ulit please!!!!

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