My Sister is Getting Married!

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How cool is that? They actually got engaged two years ago and it’s crazy how time flew by. Back then, we were all thinking, “Oh we have two years to plan and diet” and now suddenly, the wedding is a month away and we’re worrying about the preparations…and our waistlines.

About a month ago, my sister came home from Myanmar and asked me to take their prenup photos. They didn’t want anything too cheesy or sweety-sweety (nothing against that…it’s just not them); they wanted photos that would show their natural selves. And I thought, well, they love to eat – my fondest memories of them actually took place either in the kitchen or the dining table. When they were both still working in the country, they would spend the weekends at home, devouring whole pizzas and pieces of Chicken Joy while watching episodes of Suits or Breaking Bad. For dinner, they’d leave for some social gathering that involved a buffet meal. I honestly don’t know how they do it. Maybe they have an extra stomach or hollow legs or something.

Anyway. That’s really the story behind this photo set. I was nervous at first because I’m really not a wedding/prenup photographer and I was afraid I would mess it up. But we all had fun fixing up the house and arranging the shoot as a family. I guess that’s what matters in the end, right? My mom, who is an extremely OC/creative person, did the “set design.” And my dad helped me with the lighting and equipment. Pebbles, Ate Din and Kuya Ari’s fat bulldog, didn’t want to be left out so we included her in a lot if not all of the frames. 🙂


2 responses to “My Sister is Getting Married!”

  1. Great pics as usual…and the fact that it was a family affair pre-nup makes it more meaningful! Surprise! Surprise! I didn’t know that your OC Mom’s an awesome set designer!!! 🙂

  2. This is such a nice set! You being the bride’s sister adds even more meaning to the photos. ❤ Congratulate your sister for me! They look like such a cute little family. 😀

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