Cagayan Valley: Photo Diary

These were taken during our trip to the northeastern region of Cagayan Valley. Been so busy lately, I didn’t realize it’s been almost five months since my friends and I flew to Tuguegarao and had this sunny adventure. Took me longer than usual to select and edit the photographs but finally here they are 🙂 Enjoy!  Cagayan Photo Diary 6Cagayan Photo Diary 5Cagayan Photo Diary 7Cagayan Photo Diary 8Cagayan Photo Diary 11Cagayan Photo Diary 12Cagayan Photo Diary 13Cagayan Photo Diary 10Cagayan Photo Diary 1Cagayan Photo Diary 2Cagayan Photo Diary 3Cagayan Photo Diary 15Cagayan Photo Diary 14Cagayan Photo Diary 17Cagayan Photo Diary 18Cagayan Photo Diary 19Cagayan Photo Diary 20Cagayan Photo Diary 21Cagayan Photo Diary 22 Cagayan Photo Diary 23 Cagayan Photo Diary 24 Cagayan Photo Diary 25 Cagayan Photo Diary 26 Cagayan Photo Diary 27 Cagayan Photo Diary 28 Cagayan Photo Diary 29Cagayan Photo Diary 31 Cagayan Photo Diary 32 Cagayan Photo Diary 33 Cagayan Photo Diary 34 Cagayan Photo Diary 36Cagayan Photo Diary 37Cagayan Photo Diary 38 Cagayan Photo Diary 40 Cagayan Photo Diary 43 Cagayan Photo Diary 42Cagayan Photo Diary 44 Cagayan Photo Diary 45

11 responses to “Cagayan Valley: Photo Diary”

  1. Hi, Trish! Beautiful shots. What’s the name of the beach? 🙂

    1. Hello thank you! 🙂 that’s anguib beach in Palaui island

      1. Anguib is in Sta Ana not Palaui. Palaui is home to Engano beach.
        Source- I live here. lol

      2. Oh no sorry for the mistake! Thanks Brian for the correction!! I got the places mixed up. Thanks so much

  2. the birds/bats look like black aurora! =D

  3. Ang ganda ng lugar at pictures! 😊 May I know kung magkano nagastos per head? 😊

  4. New discovery! Wow, really the country has so much to offer..We hope the government of The Philippines will put great effort in order to make the ideal place be known to the world of Boracay and other known places now in the region..very good work, well done friends!!!

  5. The pictures were great, but need identification where these pictures were taken…

  6. Great shots.

  7. vilma c. matro Avatar
    vilma c. matro

    I like photography, it releases my artistic side. Good job Trish! Very refreshing pictures. Really the Philippines have so many hidden nature treasures that other people will surely appreciates.

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