Revisiting Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu_10Lake Sebu_14HKLake Sebu_13Lake Sebu_4Lake Sebu_27Lake Sebu_23Lake Sebu_9Lake Sebu_3Lake Sebu_18Lake Sebu_21

The last time I was in Lake Sebu, it was rainy and gloomy – we hardly left the bamboo longhouse and spent most of our time napping or watching movies with the kids. On my recent visit, the sun was out and there was time for more outdoor activities like boating, swimming, and hiking. I have tons of photos from the trip and I’d love to show them all at once, but just going through everything and deciding what to edit took me a whole morning. So, I picked a few of my favorites and posted them here to give you a glimpse of a brighter Lake Sebu.

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