Bataan in Photos

Bataan Adventure with Osprey_7Bataan Adventure with Osprey_14Bataan Adventure with Osprey_24Bataan Adventure with Osprey_27Bataan Adventure with Osprey_18Bataan Adventure with Osprey_22Bataan Adventure with Osprey_25BataanBataan Adventure with Osprey_29Bataan Adventure with Osprey_30Bataan Adventure with Osprey_33

The last time I was in Bataan was about three or four years ago. It was a fun getaway with friends and we stayed on a beach, cooking our own food and making do with plastic plates and utensils. We even did a kooky dance video.

I went back to Bataan for a media event and had a whole different experience of the province. It isn’t the usual destination for out-of-town trips, but recently it’s been making extra effort to liven up tourism, to get people to see its value as a historic, cultural, and natural treasure. It was lovely to be toured around. Even nicer was getting to travel with a group of adventurous and energetic writers/bloggers, who really made the trip more fun.

The journey between places was far and long. But I like the in-betweens; I get to think (and sleep). I like watching the landscape change, the passersby go on their route, the trees meld into a green blur. It’s comforting to know that I’m going somewhere, that I’m on my way to a new place. It was during one of those in-betweens that I thought about writing a manifesto for adventurers. It’s actually something that’s been stuck in my head for a while now and I’m glad I finally had an excuse to write it. You can read the full journey and manifesto here. 🙂

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