Dani Writes: Mornings at Breakfast & Pies

Dani is my ridiculously smart and talented 9-year-old sister, who insists that she is my intern. My siblings and I started a thing called “Brunch Bunch Sundays,” wherein we try to have brunch in a different restaurant every Sunday. So far, we’ve been to four breakfast places and on the last one, I brought my camera to take photos. Dani volunteered to write an article and here’s what she came up with. I want to add that she wrote it in an hour, read it to my dad, insisted on getting comments, then edited it for a final version.

Breakfast & Pies

Hello, this is a new series called Brunch Bunch Sundays and in this series, we siblings – Trisha, Jerome, Mark, and Dani – get together to have brunch to strengthen our sibling bond. Last Sunday May 29, we went to Breakfast & Pies.

At Breakfast & Pies at 39 Malingap Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City, every egg is sunny-side up, and you can get things from delicious cat-shaped lattes to scrumptious Crème brûlée Pies! All these wonders await you behind the doors of this amazing restaurant. Once you enter, you are greeted by a couple of friendly waiters that will kindly seat you at your table.

Breakfast & Pies_7Breakfast & Pies_8 Breakfast & Pies_2

During our visit, we ordered Beef Brisket Corned Beef, Red Velvet Pancakes, S’mores Pie, and Crème brûlée Pie.

The Beef Brisket Corned Beef (P265) was very juicy and it had a little smoked flavor to me. It was very meaty. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it 8.5 because it could use a little more spice and tenderness.

Breakfast & Pies_1

And next we had the Red Velvet Pancakes (P195). They had a half regular, half red velvet mixture, with cream cheese glaze. They were very tough and it was not as good as expected, although the cream cheese glaze part was better; honestly, I prefer the Beef Brisket Corned Beef. I rated them 4.5 over 10.

Breakfast & Pies_3

(Trish here! Just a note on the next photo: Our brother, Mark, ordered the Eggs Sammy, P275, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Dani didn’t try it, though, because she “didn’t have the acquired taste.”) 

Breakfast & Pies_4

After that, we had the S’mores Pie, it had a graham crust with a layer of chocolate ganache with torched marshmallow icing on top. It was very delicious and the torched part was a great touch to the frosting. I rated this 8.5 over 10.

Breakfast & Pies_6

And finally, to top it all off, we had a delicious Crème brûlée pie. It had a flaky crust with Crème brûlée and torched sugar on top. This pie was one of my favorites. I rate this 9.2 over ten.

Breakfast & Pies_5

And that concludes our Brunch Bunch Sundays post for today, thank you and stay tuned for more!

2 responses to “Dani Writes: Mornings at Breakfast & Pies”

  1. Sessan Castro-Lee Avatar
    Sessan Castro-Lee

    I love their Beef Brisket Corned Beef and brewed coffee for breakfast. Yummy!

  2. You and your siblings are so adorable. I’m sure you guys are a lot closer now that you’re having activities like this. Much love! – BALDYOSA

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