Trouble in Hong Kong (A short travel story)

We were arguing in the middle of the street.

My younger brother, Mark, loomed over me and fixed me with a withering stare. I looked at him with incredulity. Dani, our 10-year-old sister shifted nervously between us and tried to referee. “You should stop fighting,” she pleaded.

I ignored her appeal. “I brought you all the way here. I found this place for you guys!” I said, playing the victim.
“I didn’t say it wasn’t good!” Mark shot back.
“Your face said it all,” I huffed. We walked into opposite directions. Neither of us had any means of calling the other, but we were too mad to care. So what if we got lost in a foreign country?
“Please!” Dani’s voice rose higher as she begged us to be civilized adults. “It’s just milk tea!!”
All’s well that ends well. My siblings and I after getting lost and upset over food

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