Postcards from San Diego

You can take a person out of a place, but how do you take the place out of a person?

This morning, I am sitting on a chair in front of my desk in a room in a house in a city that is in a country I call home. But where am I, really? My mind has been foggy since I arrived in Manila Sunday night and I feel like I’m still in a different timezone. There are memories to relive and feelings I keep bringing out to review. I’m missing people, dreaming of elsewhere while trying to be here at the same time. What a confusing state!

Spending six weeks abroad can do that, I guess. I have yet to put into words all my thoughts and learnings, and I expect it’s going to take some time. So for now, here are some snapshots from a place I called home for the bulk of my stay in the U.S. The first one is of Lynn, my host mom in San Diego, who welcomed me into her home, showed me around, and taught me so many things just by simply being herself.


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