Julian and the Best Apple Pie

I wish I had written more.

Did I not write about Julian? About that perfect fall day when Lynn (my host in San Diego during my YSEALI exchange) had driven me up the mountain to taste the best apple pie ever? It’s been more than a year and I can’t hope to accurately reconstruct the memory of walking around the town with my silver-haired companion; of visiting a grave adorned with colorful pumpkins and stuffed dolls; of browsing the shelves of a second-hand bookstore; of finding a quaint bar just off the road which boasted all sorts of craft beer served right from the tap; of sipping a tall glass of liquid gold under a clear blue sky; of the long drive up and down from the mountain, the spaces in between filled with talk about history, music, and our unexamined childhoods.

If only I had paused and written more.

Good thing I have pictures:

Hope you are safe wherever you are,


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