Point and Shoot

I took my dad’s old Olympus Mju II on a test run to see if it was still in good working condition. I was pleasantly surprised when I got back my scans back and saw how good they came out ❤ Looking through the photos gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. When I showed my mom, she exclaimed, “Maganda pala yung camera na ‘yan?” Which meant that during the time that they had used it, she had not thought that the camera was anything special.

I love it because it is so easy to carry around and, well, just point and shoot. I have some issues with the autofocus and some shots are very blurry, but I’ll get the hang of it with a bit more practice. For now, I use it to capture the most mundane things that I find interesting and the small moments that bring me joy.

I am using two point-and-shoot cameras. This first set consists of photos taken with the Olympus Mju II (which my dad tells me belonged to my grandmother!) loaded with Kodak ColorPlus film. Scroll down a little further to check out the photos from the second point-and-shoot camera.

Tony, the friendly neighborhood bulldog
John’s favorite aisle in the grocery
My mom’s monstera…Momstera
I bought my lola orchids ❤ She was happy.
Here she is watching one of our favorite films (any guesses?)

The following photos were shot with a Canon SureShot 60 Zoom (which I got from @filmstudyph) and Kodak Gold 200.

First time to try the self-timer. We were too near so it didn’t focus haha
Attended a friend’s wedding over the weekend ❤
Celebrated Leon (John’s best man) and Koko getting engaged after watching Top Gun in the cinema!

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