The Fruit Guardians

Following a list of daily writing prompts for April to push myself to write more and yesterday was “In the Fridge.” It’s close to midnight. I’m hungry for a snack. I go down to the darkness of the kitchen and yank open the fridge door. Cool blue light slices through the shadows. Not sure what’s … More The Fruit Guardians

How Zoom Works

The other day, my mother came out of the kitchen and asked me how Zoom works. I tucked my arms in, leaned forward and rushed to her face: “Like this!” She shook her head and chuckled. Seriously, though, Zoom – an app I used only twice or thrice before COVID-19 – has become a crucial … More How Zoom Works

Staying Still

One night in 2012, I came home from work with rashes all over my body. It started as red splotches on my arms, which I had not found unusual at first because I had grown up having some sort of skin ailment or another. My tita, who was a dermatologist, would prescribe a cream or … More Staying Still