Staying Still

One night in 2012, I came home from work with rashes all over my body. It started as red splotches on my arms, which I had not found unusual at first because I had grown up having some sort of skin ailment or another. My tita, who was a dermatologist, would prescribe a cream or … More Staying Still


Now that I’m painting more often, I’m able to think about what subjects I really want to paint. And it occurs to me that I enjoy doing portraits. With watercolor, it is a real challenge to get the colors to blend and settle the way you want it. But I’m slowly learning that the medium … More Faces

The Pause Button

I think I’ve lost the ability to just sit down and write. So I’m doing it now. I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor of my room, committing to a page. No, wait. That’s a bit daunting. Let’s size it down. To a sentence, maybe? Fine, a word. Pause. The word is Pause. Why? I don’t know, maybe … More The Pause Button