Ocean sun and salt

On a whim, my friend, Pat, and I got on a bus to La Union and went straight to the Flotsam and Jetsam hostel. It was perfect timing, really, because everyone had just gone home from a long weekend of drinking and partying (from dusk ’til dawn, we were told), so we had the hostel all to ourselves.DSC_7360nef


Even the ocean was calm – at least, compared to the other times I was there, when the waves pummeled you mercilessly, from all directions, until you were thrown off your board. No, this was a completely different scene. It was quiet and pleasant; there wasn’t much you wanted to do except sit and stare as a cluster of clouds floated idly by and the crests of ocean waves caught the orange light of a setting sun, causing them to glint and sparkle like glass. We had everything we wanted right there on the beach. 🙂

Thank you to Spruce for the lovely pair of shades (second photo) and the fabulous beach bag (fifth and last photo). 🙂 Check out their Facebook page and Instagram; it’s filled with nice, summery things that make you want to travel to the nearest beach, where you can can just collapse on the sand, watch the water lap over the shore, and listen to the hypnotizing sound of crashing waves.

3 responses to “Ocean sun and salt”

  1. They say” life is better at the beach,” and it is. Beautiful fun images!

    1. That is absolutely true! 🙂 thank you for checking out my blog 🙂

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