While waiting for the harsh noon light to pass, I stayed in the shade of a tree where a family was relaxing. Nearby, some kids were playing and running around. Arjo, Arlene, and Ives kept me company while I waited, telling me about their plans for the afternoon. They were very good at catching the birds that settled … More Kalapati

Ocean sun and salt

On a whim, my friend, Pat, and I got on a bus to La Union and went straight to the Flotsam and Jetsam hostel. It was perfect timing, really, because everyone had just gone home from a long weekend of drinking and partying (from dusk ’til dawn, we were told), so we had the hostel all to ourselves.

La Union Photo Diary

We left Manila at its most quiet time, before the din and chaos of traffic, before the swell of harried commuters shoving and pushing against endless waves of people. We watched the city disappear behind us, just as deep hues of orange and pink crept into the edges of the landscape, revealing silhouettes of objects and living things previously cloaked … More La Union Photo Diary