A Love Story


Baydon and Oop live in the small village of Buscalan, Kalinga.

We stumbled upon their home one morning and found them in the middle of household chores. Baydon called out to us and we sat by his feet as he told us stories from his younger years, while Oop stooped over a pot, occasionally mixing the bubbling broth inside. He had a smile that seemed always on the brink of laughter, while she was quiet, calm, and composed. I asked how long they’ve been together and Baydon answered, a twinkle in his eye, “We’ve been together for around 70* years.”

This is part of a small series called The 100-Word Travel Stories. Why 100 words?

*Give or take. I was told that they themselves are uncertain about their exact ages so this may not be the precise length of their marriage. Nevertheless, Kuya Charlie, their son and our guide in Kalinga, assured us that they have indeed been married for a very long time.

One response to “A Love Story”

  1. Would love to know more about what they’ve seen during their 70 year stay 🙂

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