“No pictures,” our guide says as our boat enters a narrow river. I lower my camera and she adds, “Not until the ritual.” The tribe’s elder, Kuya Boyet, conducts the ritual just as darkness engulfs the marshlands. Two candles, bottles of beer and Royal, and a plate containing an assortment of candies lie at his … More Ritwal

A Love Story

Baydon and Oop live in the small village of Buscalan, Kalinga. We stumbled upon their home one morning and found them in the middle of household chores. Baydon called out to us and we sat by his feet as he told us stories from his younger years, while Oop stooped over a pot, occasionally mixing the bubbling broth inside. He had … More A Love Story


Four days ago, I was in Buscalan, Kalinga, a village nestled in the Cordillera Mountains that is famous for its tattooed men and women. I was particularly drawn to the elderly, not just because of the permanent marks on their skin, but also because of their peaceful countenance. They seemed contented and happy in old age, every … More Serenity

Why 100 words?

It’s because of moments like this. The photo sets the story up nicely; you need but a few words to tell a little more about the scene. At the start, it was because of time constraints. When I came back from Culion and Cotabato, I found myself steeped in work and that left me little time to write … More Why 100 words?