Scenes From Around Inle Lake


Hello, it’s been a while. I’m a little (OK, a lot) behind on posting stuff from my travels, but I hope to fix that. I’m leaving for Dumaguete soon and I will be there for three weeks for a writers workshop. It’s all very surreal. I applied earlier this year without any expectations, just a tiny shred of hope that I would get in. And then the announcement came and I was over the moon; I was crying and laughing at the same time…Anyway, I’ll write about that later on. All I really came here to say was “hey, look these are my photos from Inle Lake!”

These were from my weeklong stay in Myanmar. We took a plane from Yangon and flew to Heho, a peaceful and sleepy town in the North. The weather was pleasantly cool. The people were kind and hospitable (for those who are looking for a nice place to stay in, I highly recommend Hotel Brilliant. Ate Aysa and I really enjoyed staying in the bungalow and the staff was polite and extremely helpful). The layout of the lakeside town was not complicated; we felt very safe biking along the streets with only a map to guide us. And the scenery on the actual lake was just lovely. 🙂 Here are a few photos from our tour.

Inle Lakenef  Inle Lakenef_1 Inle Lakenef_2Inle Lakenef_4 Inle Lakenef_5Inle Lakenef_8Inle Lakenef_15Inle Lakenef_42 Inle Lakenef_17 Inle Lakenef_14   Inle Lakenef_18    Inle Lakenef_20 Inle Lakenef_22 Inle Lakenef_24 Inle Lakenef_25 Inle Lakenef_27 Inle Lakenef_28 Inle Lakenef_29 Inle Lakenef_31 Inle Lakenef_32 Inle Lakenef_34 _DSC7891Inle Lakenef_36 _DSC7850   Inle Lakenef_39 Inle Lakenef_40_DSC8052_DSC8065

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