Light from Bagan

Life has been one big blur lately and I have been weighed down by so much work that I haven’t had time to sit down and reflect. I keep hoping that I’ll have this one magical week when I could just stay in a coffee shop and write non-stop about anything and everything on my mind. But … More Light from Bagan

Scenes From Around Inle Lake

These were from my week-long stay in Myanmar. We took a plane from Yangon and flew to Heho, a peaceful and sleepy town in the North. The weather was pleasantly cool. The people were kind and hospitable. The layout of the lakeside town was not complicated; we felt very safe biking along the streets with only a map to guide us. And the scenery on the actual lake was just lovely. 🙂 … More Scenes From Around Inle Lake

Why Myanmar?

“Veree beeyootiful?” The boatman calls out in a thick accent from the end of the boat. His face breaks into a huge grin, revealing teeth stained red from chewing betel nut. It takes me by surprise as he hasn’t said much throughout the boat ride; he’d usually answer our questions with nods and smiles, saying … More Why Myanmar?

Miracle in Myanmar

It’s nothing short of a miracle, watching the sun rise. Think of all the factors, all the moving parts of the universe that click like the cogs and wheels of a clock to bring you to this moment, to witness this spectacle. Think of the slow drift of stars, the constant revolution of planets, the way they shift and … More Miracle in Myanmar