Light from Bagan

Life has been one big blur lately and I have been weighed down by so much work that I haven’t had time to sit down and reflect. I keep hoping that I’ll have this one magical week when I could just stay in a coffee shop and write non-stop about anything and everything on my mind. But that won’t happen any time soon. I figured I might as well start by posting some long-overdue photos, so I’ve gathered a few snapshots from Bagan.

These were taken in 2015, but it seems like ages and ages ago when I hopped on that plane to Myanmar with so much excitement and hope in my heart. Bagan is a land that glows and shimmers, like an ancient mirage, with its pagodas peeking out from silver mists – a landscape made ethereal by the lambent sunlight. I had a wish to take that light with me, gather it in a glass bottle, bring it out whenever I needed warmth and inspiration.

But alas, my magic is limited to photos and simple words. So here, I share them with you and I hope that however gloomy your day/week/month may be, the light from Bagan may reach you and give you joy.

_DSC8511 _DSC8513 _DSC8578 _DSC8612 _DSC8663 _DSC8687 _DSC8725 Bagannef_1 Bagannef_3 Bagannef_5 Bagannef_7 BagannefBagannef_8Bagannef_9Bagannef_13Bagannef_15Bagannef_14Bagannef_12

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