While waiting for the harsh noon light to pass, I stayed in the shade of a tree where a family was relaxing. Nearby, some kids were playing and running around. Arjo, Arlene, and Ives kept me company while I waited, telling me about their plans for the afternoon. They were very good at catching the birds that settled around their home, especially Arjo. He would use a net sometimes, but he could get one with just his bare hands. He set it free afterwards, so there was no harm done to the animals and they didn’t seem to mind when he held them and stroked their feathers.

Here are a few photos from that afternoon.

Kalapati_1 Kalapati_2 Kalapati_3 Kalapati_4 Kalapati_5 Kalapati_6 Kalapati_7 Kalapati_8 Kalapati_9 Kalapati_10Kalapati_12

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