Gray Days

June is a rainy month. It officially marks the ending of the summer season, ushering in heavy clouds and saturnine skies.

Yesterday, I was in a coffee shop when a loud clap of thunder made everyone’s heads turn up from their laptops and smartphones. It was the ending of a work day and already I could see from the window traffic piling up on the streets. Throw in some rain and I knew going home would be an impossibility at that point. So I hunkered down to prepare for the long wait.

The rain poured like the tears of a child ordered to stop playing with his games, a light wind summoned to add some pomp and impudence. Later, it rained like lovers breaking up and I could feel the cold and gloom seeping into my bones. Even the hot coffee and snacks could not help lift my mood. I tried to paint away the grays and blues, but the colorful trees on the page just seemed sad in the dim light of the cafe. I booked a ride home and ended up paying a hefty fare. I just wanted to get outta there quick.

It started raining again tonight. All throughout the day I burdened myself with a big umbrella, carrying it around as I eyed the sunless sky. I ran some errands and took a long and winding commute back to my house. I forgot to do one last thing so I stepped out of the door just as the clouds idly drifted away (or so I thought) to reveal patches of fading light. I left my umbrella inside, thinking it would not rain anymore and that I would be back in thirty minutes or so.

Fast forward to me standing outside a building along Katipunan, wondering how to not get wet. Thankfully, the rainfall was not so strong. The drops were barely visible except where they caught the light from the street lamps and fell on the puddles that caused ripples, distorting the images reflected on the ground. Maybe it was beautiful…but I was too busy trying to figure out a way to get home without taking a second bath.

In the end, I held up my bag over my head and walked hurriedly towards the tricycle station. I had had enough of this gloomy weather – all I wanted was to stay under a roof and eat a hot meal. And so I did. But now here I am lying in bed, typing, writing about the June weather as sheets of rain cascade from the sky. It is all I hear. The downfall drowns out the sounds of the world outside and flood my imagination with images of water – powerful, purifying, and encompassing.

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