Gray Days

June is a rainy month. It officially marks the ending of the summer season, ushering in heavy clouds and saturnine skies. Yesterday, I was in a coffee shop when a loud clap of thunder made everyone’s heads turn up from their laptops and smartphones. It was the ending of a work day and already I … More Gray Days

One Rainy Day

Towards the end of June, my friends and I decided to have one last summer hurrah: a picnic in a park. I wanted it to be a sort of photo shoot as well, so we put effort into the menu (sandwiches or hotdogs? salad or pasta? how about wine – red or white?) and making the food photogenic … More One Rainy Day

Climbing Mt. Pulag

It’s three days before Christmas, and I’m in a tent, shivering despite having four layers of clothes on. I’m wearing a bonnet, gloves, and two pairs of socks, yet I can still feel the cold (and yes, it does bother me). I’m starting to wonder if this is what hypothermia feels like. I roll over … More Climbing Mt. Pulag