In a Different Light

As a child growing up in a grandma’s musty home, I hated dusk and its slanted rays of dying light.   After school and mid-afternoon shows, sun beams, like stealthy soldiers, climbed through windows, caught riotous dust motes, cast long shadows that colluded with dark corners, and wispy spectators hiding behind locked doors.   I sulked as I eyed the shifting shades, the … More In a Different Light

The Pause Button

I think I’ve lost the ability to just sit down and write. So I’m doing it now. I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor of my room, committing to a page. No, wait. That’s a bit daunting. Let’s size it down. To a sentence, maybe? Fine, a word. Pause. The word is Pause. Why? I don’t know, maybe … More The Pause Button


Unfortunately, there were too many clouds to get a good shot of the famous Boracay sunset. Minutes before this, Monica, Dijo and I were praying to the beach gods: “Please please please, let us have our sunset!” The clouds continued to float above us and towards the sun, oblivious to our pleas. It was still … More Silhouettes