Missing Siargao

It’s raining outside and the sky has been grey since early morning. My planner is lying open-faced on my desk, reminding me of the Super Important Things I have to do today, but my mind is somewhere else completely. The other day my brother asked me why is it that there are people like me … More Missing Siargao

Getting to Know Bohol

Before this trip, I had a tourist’s image of Bohol. Chocolate Hills. Tarsiers. Stunning beaches. It’s typical behavior, something everyone does – to compress an island, turn it into bullet points or sparse paragraphs in a guide book. But I’ve heard so much about it and I was yearning to know what I’ve been missing out on all these years. So when … More Getting to Know Bohol

Back to Cebu

People have something against revisiting places. When I ask why, they say that it’s because there are so many other destinations to go to – you could use that time to go to new, exciting places instead of returning to the same old location. I totally get that and I’m all for exploring and experiencing … More Back to Cebu