Culion Photo Diary

I have been trying over the past days to come up with the right words to describe Culion. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say; it’s that I have too many – too many words, moments, thoughts, stories….

Why 100 words?

It’s because of moments like this. The photo sets the story up nicely; you need but a few words to tell a little more about the scene. At the start, it was because of time constraints. When I came back from Culion and Cotabato, I found myself steeped in work and that left me little time to write … More Why 100 words?

Defying Darkness

I do not like the dark. It is always with sadness that I watch the fading afternoon light, the last rays clinging onto surfaces. In Culion, you have no choice but to face the darkness – after the din of primetime shows and evening news, everything goes quiet. Thankfully, this is when we discovered that … More Defying Darkness

The Crowning Glory

“We actually didn’t want to bring you here first.” One of the boatmen has just jumped into the sparkling waters, a thick, blue cord in hand. Why not? I ask. “Because every other coral reef will seem ugly afterwards,” Guido shrugs. He points to the swimming boatman and explains we can’t drop anchor because the corals are shallow so he needs … More The Crowning Glory

Kids Being Awesome

I was on the breakwater, waiting for sunset, when they floated by on a Styrofoam raft. They were struggling to keep it balanced; every time one of them so much as tilted his head, the whole thing turned turtle. But they were laughing the whole time and I laughed with them. One of them decided he wanted to do a backflip. He scrambled to his … More Kids Being Awesome