Defying Darkness

Culion Nightshot

I do not like the dark.

It is always with sadness that I watch the fading afternoon light, the last rays clinging onto surfaces. In Culion, you have no choice but to face the darkness – after the din of primetime shows and evening news, everything goes quiet.

Thankfully, this is when we discovered that our dreams had voices. While lying on our banig, staring out a window dotted with stars, we talked about our aspirations, about riding our own Lions.

Every night, the shadows grew thick around us, but I found comfort in knowing that we could defy the darkness.

This is part of a small series called The 100-Word Travel Stories. Why 100 words? 🙂

2 responses to “Defying Darkness”

  1. Hi Trish, I like your 100 word travel stories … keep ’em coming 🙂

    1. Hi tito! Thank you, glad you like them 😀 Really appreciate your unwavering support haha

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