In Medias Res

We’re nearing the end of the year, and I’m surprised at how quickly 2015 rolled by. I was looking through my files and found this set of photos from Nagsasa Cove. I travelled with my friend, Mary, in the middle of the year, back when we were both dealing with/running away from heartbreak. I’m not … More In Medias Res

Defying Darkness

I do not like the dark. It is always with sadness that I watch the fading afternoon light, the last rays clinging onto surfaces. In Culion, you have no choice but to face the darkness – after the din of primetime shows and evening news, everything goes quiet. Thankfully, this is when we discovered that … More Defying Darkness

Counting Stars

I know very little about stars and constellations. “That is the North Star,” my dad would say, pointing to a speck in the sky – far brighter than the rest, sure – but a speck, like all the others, nonetheless. The sky has a marvelous but complicated language of its own, which always leaves me … More Counting Stars