Why 100 words?

DSC_9743nefIt’s because of moments like this. The photo sets the story up nicely; you need but a few words to tell a little more about the scene.

At the start, it was because of time constraints. When I came back from Culion and Cotabato, I found myself steeped in work and that left me little time to write about my experiences. When I did have free time, I spent it thinking about these little moments and writing about them. I didn’t really plan for the posts to be just 100 words, but I realized I could already tell a story within that limit. And you know what they say about a photo being worth a thousand words, right? (‘Course you do, we’ve heard that a million times. Can’t believe I even had to repeat – oh never mind)

So there: 1 photo, 100 words.

I’ve found that it’s also a good exercise in writing and editing. In advertising, I learned the value of writing crisply and economically (i.e. write an eye-catching headline that will get people to click on the ad in 25 characters) and I wanted to bring that kind of discipline and creativity into my writing. This was also a way for me to get into the habit of writing daily and putting something on paper (or the screen) – even if it is just 100 words.

So really, this is me trying – to write, to edit, to photograph, to capture life at its most simple and candid moments. Of course I will still be posting my usual articles. That will take time, though. For now, I leave you with these 100-word stories on the short and sweet instances that filled my travels with life and meaning. 🙂

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