Reaching Happy Heights

What can kids teach us about climbing mountains? Wait…shouldn’t it be the other way around? But tell you what, it was actually a bunch of young girls from the Mertixell Orphanage that taught me an important lesson about climbing, and traveling in general – that is, to always have a sense of wonder, to stop and look around … More Reaching Happy Heights

Why 100 words?

It’s because of moments like this. The photo sets the story up nicely; you need but a few words to tell a little more about the scene. At the start, it was because of time constraints. When I came back from Culion and Cotabato, I found myself steeped in work and that left me little time to write … More Why 100 words?

Kids Being Awesome

I was on the breakwater, waiting for sunset, when they floated by on a Styrofoam raft. They were struggling to keep it balanced; every time one of them so much as tilted his head, the whole thing turned turtle. But they were laughing the whole time and I laughed with them. One of them decided he wanted to do a backflip. He scrambled to his … More Kids Being Awesome

The Young Kids Club

At the start of summer, my  7-year-old sister, Dani, and her friend, Lovely, founded the Young Kids Club. As of today, they only have two members (you can guess who they are) and they spend each day thinking of fun activities. According to their brochure, these include: “Milo making, ID creating, mini golf, orientation, mini fishing, drawing, … More The Young Kids Club