Miracle in Myanmar

It’s nothing short of a miracle, watching the sun rise. Think of all the factors, all the moving parts of the universe that click like the cogs and wheels of a clock to bring you to this moment, to witness this spectacle. Think of the slow drift of stars, the constant revolution of planets, the way they shift and … More Miracle in Myanmar

Waking Up

The hangover woke me up. The night before we had the quickest round of shots (electricity in Culion runs out after midnight, so drink up unless you want to drink in the dark). Afterwards, we clambered to our room and stared out the window, searching for the Big Dipper. The sky seemed to have misplaced it, so we … More Waking Up

La Union Photo Diary

We left Manila at its most quiet time, before the din and chaos of traffic, before the swell of harried commuters shoving and pushing against endless waves of people. We watched the city disappear behind us, just as deep hues of orange and pink crept into the edges of the landscape, revealing silhouettes of objects and living things previously cloaked … More La Union Photo Diary

Hello 2014!

Around this time last year I was feeling dazed, confused, and scared. I had just gotten out of work and I was going over my plan for 2013 thinking, “Holy crap,  you’re crazy! What are you going to do?” I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, a few trips booked for … More Hello 2014!