Missing Siargao

It’s raining outside and the sky has been grey since early morning. My planner is lying open-faced on my desk, reminding me of the Super Important Things I have to do today, but my mind is somewhere else completely. The other day my brother asked me why is it that there are people like me … More Missing Siargao

Easy Adventure

I’ve fallen behind in blogging, as well as editing and posting the photos I’ve taken in the last few months. So here’s a short set of photos from Easy Adventure in Baler to revive the blog 🙂


While waiting for the harsh noon light to pass, I stayed in the shade of a tree where a family was relaxing. Nearby, some kids were playing and running around. Arjo, Arlene, and Ives kept me company while I waited, telling me about their plans for the afternoon. They were very good at catching the birds that settled … More Kalapati

Light from Bagan

Life has been one big blur lately and I have been weighed down by so much work that I haven’t had time to sit down and reflect. I keep hoping that I’ll have this one magical week when I could just stay in a coffee shop and write non-stop about anything and everything on my mind. But … More Light from Bagan